Furniture by Nea Italia – is a pleasure to have and use

Enjoyment for your eyes with the style and shapes

Atelier of bathroom furniture

For many years Nea Italia has been famous for its passion for Beauty and Attention to Details and Customers’ Needs. A must for those looking for high-quality and elegant furniture for the bathroom. Today, we continue to focus on a great future that is firmly rooted in our superior knowledge and expert craftsmanship.

Strict Quality Control, international management standards of materials’ supply and production processes are at all stages of production. All of these factors together with the effective and united team of professionals have made Nea Italia one of the real leaders in its field, a point of reference for the bathroom furniture industry in terms of Design and Quality.

Quality and Design

All furniture made by Nea Italia is a unique expression of Beauty and Well-being. The Design of our furniture is done by talented and experienced Italian industrial designers. Nea Italia produces bathroom furniture in two different Styles - fusion classical and modern.

Thus, together with a wide variety of materials used in our production, our factory easily satisfies the refined taste of every client, offering elegant and functional solutions. Our team considers bathroom furniture as something special: Trendy, Stylish, Sexy and Passionate, - that is all about NEA Italia today. We make a fusion of styles, which differs NEA Italia from the others in the global market.

Comfort and delight in every-day use

The production department of the factory has always been searching for and finding the newest, innovative techniques of wood treatment, thus adding to the High Quality of our furniture.

Particular attention to raw materials from the very beginning of choosing them for our production, deep experience and specific Know-How, as well as the use of modern Technologies when working with different materials, such as wood, glass and marble, enable our factory produce exquisite furniture of long lasting High Quality and Functionality.

Production & Distribution

Our products are 100% made in Italy – at our factory in Pesaro. Our originality of design always goes by together with the use of both innovative and traditional technologies, synergy of which enables us to produce unique refined and yet very functional bathroom furniture.

Nea Italia exports 80% of its products to the world’s market through showrooms and design studios. The sales network is managed and controlled by the factory headquarters in Pesaro. On certain markets we collaborate with agents. Showrooms and design studios working with us always have the professional support of our production and sales departments, getting answers to any questions and requests of their clients in the shortest time possible.


We keep our production processes environmentally friendly, fine-tuning our operations and products to be as efficient as possible. Raw materials and Energy are used thrifty at all levels of our production.

This includes the use of environmentally responsible materials in furniture production and reduced environmental impact realized through recycling wastes and using low emission coatings.

Environmentally friendly production with highest attention to detail and passion is the motto of our work.

NEA Italia team